Professionalism, innovation and technology make San Diodato Consortium one of the leading companies in the branch of safety, supervision and customer reception.

The Consortium, aside from boasting 10 years of experience, makes use of the know-how of different partners, with whom it shares the goal of maximizing customer satisfaction and guaranteeing 360° level performance.

The added value that distinguishes our company is to establish a relationship of cohesion and reciprocity, in order to allow an excellent provision of services.

Our company is based on an efficient, smart and functional organization, and focuses its core business on security services, private surveillance services and reception services. Our organizational approach allows us to act in a timely and effective way, providing quality and certified performance.


The San Diodato Consortium boasts several offices on the national territory. This allows us to provide the right approach to the customer, responding to his needs in a timely manner for the sectors related to safety, supervision, reception, concierge and sanitization.

Thanks to the strategic distribution in the north, center and south, respectively in Milan, Rome and Pagani, the response to customers is immediate and congenial.

Via Barbazzano, 93 - 84016 Pagani (SA)
Piazza Carlo Magno, 21 - 00162 Roma
Via Gioberti, 9 - 20123 Milano

mission - Consorzio San Diodato


San Diodato Consortium has a group of consultants specialized in the implementation and management of technological safety systems and in the application of Decree Law N. 626/94 and Decree of the Ministry of the Interior of 10/09/98, concerning safety in the workplace.The Consortium guarantees qualified services also with quality certification both its own and of its consortium members 

and is able to reduce the costs of its services thanks to the synergistic sharing of the skills and company resources of its members and the realization of economies of scale. Over time our company has obtained the necessary certificates to carry out the various security, surveillance and reception activities and beyond, thus being able to provide each assistant with an additional guarantee of quality.