San Diodato Consortium is leader in security, supervision, customer reception and concierge porch.

It boasts 10 years of experience and makes use of important collaborations for the provision of quality performance for security and risk management, executive protection consultancy and much more ....

Our secret? Establish a relationship of cohesion and reciprocity, in order to allow an excellent delivery of services and performance with a high quality standard.

Discover our mission and rely on professionals in the sector!

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The Consortium has been active for about 10 years and was born from the merger of several leading companies in the field of security, private surveillance services and reception services.

The Consortium makes use of the know-how of many partners, with whom it shares the goal of maximizing customer satisfaction and guaranteeing 360° level performance. 

Our company is based on an efficient, smart and functional organization, and  its core business is focused on security services, private surveillance services and reception services.

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Among its consortiums, San Diodato Consortium boasts companies with professionalism and organizational capacity adequate to respond to any type of need.

Security and Risk Management

Custody and Surveillance

Executive Protection Consulting

Welcoming and assisting customers

Supply chain security solutions


San Diodato Consortium is able to offer a wide range of services at competitive costs commensurate with the required quality level throughout the national territory.

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